Designers We Hope to See at 2018 Miami Swim Week

Miami is the place all celebrities visit for some holiday retreat and some relaxing moments by the pool. Luxury hotels, high-end services, and sandy beaches are here to amaze you while spending some dancing nights through the vibrant night life of Miami Swim Week. Bring your best summery outfits and enjoy yourself in one of the world’s most popular destination. However, Miami is also known as the home for some important designers and brands that are popular in all fashionistas around the world. If you are considering of visiting Miami and you love fashion trends and brands, then you should seize this opportunity to visit some very popular brands’ stores.

Rene Ruiz

Though Rene was not born in Miami, he moved there at a very young age, making him one of the most popular Miami designers. Rene is a well-known designer in the United States as well as in Europe. He is popular for his authentic ideas while blending them with Miami’s glamour. What is impressive is that Rene creates his own fabrics in order to produce a unique fashion mark.

Julian Chang

Mimo District is Chang’s very own boutique, where celebrities and fashion lovers purchase the latest Miami fashion trends. Chang is one of the most popular new designers that has amaze everyone with his very own custom-made bridal wear. He has also many ready-to-wear designs that you can find in his boutique. All his garments are made in Miami, making his designs unique and impressive.

Lisu Vega

Miami Fashion Week has revealed Vega’s amazing style and designs. She gets her inspiration out of any other form of art, music as well as the celebrities and fashion icons she meets on her tours. While visiting Miami, you can find the exclusive location where all of her designs are exposed. Her designs are so unique, you will definitely want to return home with one of your favorite Vega’s designs.

Fabrizio De Castro

This haute couture designer in Miami specializes in impressive, unique designs you have never seen before! If you are searching for some sophisticated and glamorous look, then you should look for his boutique. This designer is Colombian, and his base is in Miami where you can find his breathtaking garments. This designer has won several awards for his combination of colors, arts, and innovation.

Other Important Brands

Famous brands and designers have also selected Miami to open one of their boutiques so as to be close to all the important market of Miami. In the Miami Design District, you can find many important brands like Alice and Olivia, Burberry, Bulgari, and Cartier. If you are in search for some luxury shoes, then you must visit Christian Louboutin’s boutique. Dior, Giorgio Armani, Fendi, Givenchy, and Gucci. The list of all the important boutiques is actually endless. Visit Miami and take advantage of its amazing market as an important host of well-known brands. All the fashion houses you wanted to visit all this time, are here in one place for your own convenience.

Either way, next Miami Swim Week will take place July 12 – 15, 2018!