Life’s a Beach at Swim Week

During Miami Swim Week, a large number of parties and shows are organized throughout South Beach. They offer an amazing experience to guests, and there’s something for everyone to take part and enjoy. Here’s a brief overview of some of the parties and shows that were held at last Miami Swim Week.

Of all the parties organized at last Swim Week, MIAMI Magazine’s 8th-Annual SPLASHION received some of the most attention. In this party, Uncle Luke and Yes Julz teamed up to host one of the most-attended parties at Swim Week. It was an invite-only party, but a decent crowd came out to enjoy every moment of the event.

The Lazy Sunday BBQ was another popular party, which was celebrated by people at last year’s Miami Swim Week. It was held at the 40 Island Avenue in Miami Beach. This was an ideal event for individuals who were looking forward to taking part in a more relaxed party. People who attended this party also got the opportunity to explore the luxury of the Miami Beach Hotel.

The Beach Bunny Swimwear afterparty with Voco was held on Washington Avenue. To purchase an entrance ticket to this party, people had to pay between $20 and $40. This was the official party organized by Beach Bunny, and it happens every year. A few celebrities even turned up to enjoy a bottle or two.

The Aloha! Sunset Party was another impressive event held at the last year’s Miami Swim Week. This party was held in the last day of Miami Swim Week. As a result, a large number of guests turned up. The sunset party was dedicated to individuals who have been struggling with a bikini diet for the past few weeks. It’s the last day of Swim Week, so they can eat anything they like. In other words, the guests will not have to worry about anything until they turn up at Swim Week 2018. For an entrance ticket of $45, people were provided with access to the all-you-can-eat section. This section included charred pineapple salads, roasted pigs, and many other food items, which can make the guests feel both proud and bloated. Seating arrangements were organized alongside the pool.

The Swim Miami Kickoff party was another fête held at last year’s event. It was hosted along with the assistance of Vikina Lopez and Kent Jones. This was an RSVP via email event, which was held on South Beach’s Collins Avenue. People who attended got the opportunity to rub elbows with the Swim Week elite.

Apart from the resort and swim looks in evidence, it was filled with music for guests to enjoy. Vikina Lopez kept the crowd alive throughout the party as well.

For more information on this upcoming July’s events, stay tuned!